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Smoke Detector Repair

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Keeping Your Family Out of Harm’s Way with Smoke Detector Repair

Smoke Detector Repair by Wiring a smoke detector into your house’s main electrical power source is often the safest option for many homeowners. With this solution, you don’t have to worry about the batteries dying. Plus, the units throughout your home can be interconnected so that they will all sound at once if smoke is detected in a room. At Dr. Sparky, our electricians can easily install these detectors for you. We can also advise you if a different kind of detector installation is a better choice for your home.

Smoke Detector Types

There are two types of residential smoke detectors: ionization and photoelectric. Ionization smoke detectors use electrically-charged particles to detect smoke in the air and are more responsive to flaming fires (such as a tipped candle igniting a curtain). Photoelectric smoke detectors use a light beam to detect smoke and are better at detecting smoldering fires (such as a cigarette) accidental fire.

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    Smoke Detector Repair

    Why You Need Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors

    Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors are an integral part of any home. They are your home’s first defense against potential fires and gas leaks, and alert your family to evacuate at the first sign of something amiss. They are also both legally required for private residences in Ontario, so not having them could cost you in more ways than one.

    Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

    You may be wondering where a carbon monoxide leak could even come from in today’s electric-centric world. But there are many appliances in your home that still run on gas and could be a potential source of leaks, including;
    • Furnaces
    • Stoves
    • Water heaters
    • Space heaters
    • Clothes dryers
    • Car exhaust
    • Clogged chimneys

    Carbon Monoxide Detector Installation

    At Dr. Sparky Electrical, we are proud to keep the members of our community safe by providing professional carbon monoxide detector installations in the Ontario area.
    In addition to installation, our team of trained technicians can assist you in deciding how many detectors your home needs and where they should be placed.

    Hard-Wired Smoke Detector Installation

    Hard-wired smoke detector installation is not something you should try yourself. Smoke detectors are a vital safety feature in your home, and you don’t want to leave their functionality up to chance. You can make sure everything’s working okay with Dr. Sparky Electrical. We will double- and triple-check that all of our work is solid and that your detectors are working properly.

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    Proper Smoke Detector Placement

    The proper placement of smoke detectors is crucial for their effectiveness. Here are the recommended locations for smoke detector placement:

    At least one smoke detector on every level of your home, including basements.

    One inside every sleeping room.

    Outside of each sleeping area (such as common hallways).

    One at the highest point inside your home (like vaulted ceilings).