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Electrical Switches & Outlet Installation

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Get Reliable and Safe Electrical Switches and Outlet Installation

Looking to have new Electrical Switches and Outlet Installation in your home or office? While it may seem straightforward, ensuring the safety and reliability of the electrical components behind the outlet requires the expertise of professionals. Our team at Dr Sparky Electrical is ready to safely and efficiently install your new electrical switches and outlets, alleviating the task from your to-do list.
The National Fire Protection Association reports that almost half of home electrical fires involve electrical distribution equipment, such as wiring, outlets, and switches. The heat generated by this equipment can lead to ignition, emphasizing the importance of proper installation and maintenance.

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    Do You Need Your Electrical Switches or Outlets Replaced?

    You may need an electrical switch or outlet replaced if:
    • Outlet is not GFCI compliant
    • Sparking when plugs are removed,
    • Warm outlet plates,
    • Loose-fitting plugs,
    • Noisy outlets, and improper GFCI tripping.

    Where Can I Install A New Electrical Switch or Outlet?

    Ensuring the safety of you and your family involves adhering to specific guidelines regarding the placement of new electrical outlets. It is crucial to engage a professional, such as Dr Sparky Electric, to assess and determine the suitable location for your desired outlet installation. This ensures compliance with local and state regulations, guaranteeing both proper placement and adherence to safety standards.

    Electrical Outlet Services for Repair & Installation

    Whether you’re upgrading appliances or undergoing home renovations, the necessity for repairing or installing new electrical switches and outlets can emerge. Modern electrical outlets provide versatile, secure, and reliable power distribution. At Dr Sparky Electrical Services, we deliver efficient services for electrical switches and outlets to homeowners and businesses alike. Our foremost priority is the safety of your home, and we ensure it is equipped with suitable electric receptacles. Our commitment to prioritizing our clients’ needs has established a robust and positive relationship with them.

    GFCI Outlets

    Outlets featuring ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) come with test and reset buttons and are specifically engineered to thwart electric shocks, making them a crucial safety measure. Adherence to codes mandates the installation of GFCI outlets in all homes to ensure overall safety. Particularly in spaces susceptible to moisture, like bathrooms, kitchens, and outdoor areas, homes, especially older ones, may necessitate the replacement of conventional outlets with GFCI outlets. These specialized outlets possess the capability to automatically cut off circuits when water is detected, effectively averting the risk of electric shock hazards.

    Why Hire Dr Sparky?

    Experienced electricians

    At Dr. Sparky, we only hire experienced and qualified electricians. Each of our experienced professionals has the knowledge needed to solve your problem and prevent further damage.

    Quality work

    We guarantee our work, so if it’s not up to par the first time, we’ll come back and fix it. That said, we’re confident that we’ll solve your problem the first time around.

    Quick response time

    Many of our locations offer emergency electrical services ontime. We know that when disaster strikes, you can’t just sit around and wait. We’ll get to your home as quickly as possible so that further damage doesn’t occur.

    Safety Measures

    We follow the latest rules and regulations for electrical work. And when we make repairs, we always do so in a way that ensures your problems don’t return later.