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Electrical Panel Upgrades

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Expert Electrical Panel Replacement Services

Is your electrical panel outdated, malfunctioning, or overloaded? Don’t risk electrical hazards! Our expert electrical panel replacement services ensure the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system. We provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your specific needs, from initial inspection and consultation to professional installation and follow-up. If your electrical panel is no longer working how you need it to, or if it’s getting up there in age, it may be time for an electrical panel replacement from Dr. Sparky Electrical. Our team of expert electrical contractors has been providing Electrical Panel Replacement in Ontario and the surrounding areas.

Your electrical panel is the backbone of your home electrical system. It pumps out power and directs it to every room in your home. All of your lighting and every electrical device you own relies on this panel, even though it just looks like a simple box of switches hidden away in some corner. Your electrical panel controls how much electricity your home can handle. Over time, natural wear and tear, and the increasing demands of modern electronics, can decrease the efficiency of your panel, making an electrical panel replacement necessary. Your complete satisfaction is our #1 goal, and we can complete your electrical panel upgrade or repair quickly and easily, so you don’t have to worry.

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    Electrical Panel Upgrade

    Why Should You Replace Your Electrical Panel?

    Are you experiencing problems with Replacing your electrical panel might be the right solution to the issues you’re dealing with. Electrical panel replacement provides the following benefits:

    Electrical Panel Repairs & Replacements

    The team at Dr. Sparky Electrical can inspect all of your electrical problem and determine if you need your electrical panel to be repaired or replaced. If your electrical panel is outdated, it might not be able to handle all the energy requirements of your home. We might recommend replacing your electrical panel if we believe that it will save you money on your electricity bill and increase your energy efficiency.

    Most Common signs that you may need to replace your electrical panel:

    • Appliances are not running on full power
    • Old electrical panel
    • Overheating conductors
    • Panel box crackles
    • Two-pronged outlets

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    Benefits of an Electrical Panel Upgrade

    Even if your home electrical panel seems to be working fine, the power your home demands may be more than it can handle. This means you may experience unexpected failures or outages.

    Additionally, an electrical panel that can’t stand up to your needs poses a safety risk for your home. One of the primary causes of electrical fires is an overloaded electrical panel, so it’s essential you have the right one for your house.

    While an electrical panel upgrade will cost you upfront, there are a lot of benefits, including:

    Increased home safety

    More consistent power

    Electricity you can rely on

    Extra circuits to power all of your electronics