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Smart Home Installation Services

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Keep Your Home Safe with OurSmart Home Installation Services

At Dr. Sparky, we have over 10 years of experience assisting residential and commercial customers with their Smart Home Installation Services in Ontario. When you work with our team, you will receive nothing but quality services that leave you 100% satisfied. As a family-oriented company, all of our electricians must pass thorough background checks and drug tests before they’re hired.

Have you ever wished you could control many of your home’s devices with the touch of a button? Now you can! Smart home devices are designed to make your life more convenient, efficient, and comfortable. Whether you’re looking to control your lights or HVAC system even when you’re away or you want to install a video monitoring system for more security, our team can assist.

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    Smart Home Installation Services

    Types of Smart Home Devices We Install

    Over the years, the home automation industry has seen incredible advancements in both the quality of the devices available and the number of them. From video doorbells to smart thermostats, the options are endless, and it can be overwhelming to select the ones that work best for your needs and property. At Dr. Sparky, our smart home installation specialists will work with you to discuss your needs and determine which products would best suit you and your budget.

    We carry a wide range of smart home products for residential and commercial customers, including but not limited to:

    • Video monitoring security systems
    • Home networks
    • Home theater, entertainment, and sound systems
    • Smart plumbing appliances
    • Smart and automated window coverings and drapes
    • Smart lighting systems and smart bulbs
    • Smart thermostats and climate control
    • Intercoms
    • Pool and spa systems

    Smart Lighting Services

    Smart Thermostats Services

    Smart Sprinkler Controller

    Smart Home Security Services

    We can also connect devices to any existing smart home system. Should any of your devices suddenly stop working, we can assist with any repair, troubleshooting, and maintenance to ensure that everything is back up and running as it should be.

    The Benefits of Installing Smart Home Devices

    While smart technology is more costly upfront, it offers a series of benefits that more than make up for how expensive it is.

    It is more efficient:

    Just by installing a smart thermostat and plumbing system, you could easily save a ton of money on your monthly energy bills.

    It can help spread less germs:

    If you own or manage a large commercial facility, you may be concerned about the spread of germs in the restrooms. Installing smart technology will limit what people have to touch when they go to the bathroom.

    It can help prevent property damage:

    One of the greatest innovations in smart technology is their monitoring capabilities. Certain devices carefully watch how much water or energy is used.

    It is convenient:

    There’s nothing worse than being cozy in bed or on the couch and having to get up to turn off the light or adjust the thermostat. With smart technology, you don’t have to worry about this ever again.