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Whether your home is experiencing flickering lights, frequently tripping breakers, or a power outage DR. Sparky is equipped to solve and repair the electrical issue safely. DR. Sparky Electrical understand that electricity is the single most important component of your home’s comfort, powering everything from your small kitchen appliances to your heating and cooling system. At DR. Sparky, we’re committed to your comfort and satisfaction and making homes all across the Greater Ontario area safe and comfortable.
Ceiling Fan Installation

If your existing ceiling fan is malfunctioning or you want to upgrade, we have the solution. Our experienced electricians can assist with the installation and wiring for adding a fan to any room, ensuring safety and eliminating any potential electrical or installation risks.

To ensure safety and functionality, it’s important to keep your circuit breakers up to date and in good working condition. Additionally, it’s crucial to have wiring that can support the electrical needs of your home without overloading or causing a fire hazard. Up-to-date wiring enables the use of more devices and provides peace of mind.
From personalized lighting aesthetics to enhanced home energy efficiency, our skilled electricians craft lighting solutions utilizing cost-effective LED bulbs that are entirely customized to your preferences. Whether you seek recessed lighting, a captivating ambiance for your media room, illumination for art displays, or pendant lighting, your requirements take precedence in our approach.
Whether you’re embarking on a remodeling adventure or simply seeking an upgrade, we’ll breathe new life into your electrical system. We handle repairs and replacements with expertise, ensuring code compliance every step of the way. You can expect only the best – ground or bond wires for secure connections and GFCI outlets for added safety where it matters most.
Electrical issues should never be underestimated as they can lead to costly damage and put your home and family at risk. That’s why our team is always accessible 24/7 for emergencies. Ensuring the safety of our customers is our primary concern, and we recognize that electrical services cannot be delayed in such circumstances.
Are you considering the acquisition of an electric vehicle? While they offer economic advantages, home charging can pose certain challenges. We assist in the setup of a charging unit tailored to your home and car charging requirements, presenting choices for greater capacity that ensures a faster charge compared to a standard outlet. When it comes to all your electrical needs, there’s only one choice that stands out for reliability and expertise.

If your electrical panel is not functioning properly, we can inspect the issue and identify the cause. Often, a minor repair can restore it to proper working order. But if it’s outdated and requires a replacement to meet your home’s energy needs, we can suggest a new one that will reduce your electrical costs and improve energy efficiency.

Surge protectors are commonly found in homes. They can be built into power strips for a few outlets or cover the entire house. Whole house surge protectors are a significant upgrade because they protect the entire home from power surges. This not only safeguards your appliances and electronics but also extends their lifespan and reduces energy waste.

Have you ever left home only to realize you left lights on or forgot to adjust the thermostat for winter weather? With smart home systems, there’s no need to fret about such oversights. You can effortlessly control your lights, thermostat, sprinkler system, and home security remotely. For complete peace of mind, reach out to our team. We can assist you in determining the smart services that would be most advantageous for you and ensure their proper installation.
For all your renovation requirements in Brantford, look no further than Kitchen. While our expertise lies in kitchen renovations, we are fully equipped to address various aspects of home remodeling. Our services extend to the installation of new cabinetry, closets, and more. Your comprehensive renovation needs find a solution with us.

We highly recommend that you always stay aware of the condition of your smoke detector. Smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can save lives by giving early warnings of potential dangers. Our team can install and fix smoke detectors quickly and also provide battery backups for emergencies.

To ensure safety and functionality, it is important to have functional circuit breakers and appropriate wiring. The wires must be capable of handling the power distributed to all electrical components. With proper wiring, you can accommodate more devices without the risk of overloading or causing a fire.

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Our local Dr Sparky Electrical repair company provide services for commercial customers as well. Additional commercial services include UPS installation, parking lot lighting, data centers, secondary distribution systems, control systems, and data/fiber communications. For any electrical emergencies, such as sparking outlets or a partial power outage in your home, remember to call Dr Sparky Electrical Services. We respond quickly and can get the job done in a timely and accurate manner.