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Ceiling Fans Repair

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Ceiling Fans Repair & Maintenance

We offer professional ceiling fan repair and installation services, which include enhancements such as adding lights to your existing fans. Incorporating a fan into your home can enhance your lighting and provide an effective way to cool your rooms at a lower cost than running your air-conditioning. If your commercial ceiling fan stops working suddenly, or if an attempted self-installation has been unsuccessful, we provide maintenance and repairs for existing fans. Common issues encountered by our commercial electricians, which can be easily resolved, include fan motor replacement, pull chain replacement, wiring repair, fan switch replacement, and reprogramming the remote control.

We will visit your business to troubleshoot and provide the best repair solution. In certain cases, if the existing fan is too outdated and replacement parts are unavailable, a replacement service may be the only option. More comprehensive diagnostic services will be necessary for industrial fans.

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    Ceiling Fans Repair

    Benefits of Ceiling Fans to Homeowners

    Conserve Energy and Enhance Summer

    Comfort During hot weather, ceiling fans generate a cool breeze and help circulate air throughout the room. They also keep cool, conditioned air circulating to prevent rooms from becoming too damp or stale.

    Illuminate the Room

    Most ceiling fans are equipped with overhead lighting. If yours lacks lights, we can upgrade it with a lighting kit.

    Indoor and Outdoor Utility

    There are ceiling fans specifically designed for patios and porches. They can make outdoor gatherings and BBQs more enjoyable and comfortable.

    Ceiling Fan Installation

    Ceiling fans are a great addition to nearly any room in your home. If you want to install a new ceiling fan, the electricians at Dr Sparky are ready to assist you. Our team consists of highly knowledgeable, skilled, and licensed electricians. We prioritize your well-being, your home, and your safety. We assist families across the country by using our expertise to handle electrical projects that are unsafe to handle alone. Our technicians carry thousands of parts in their Dr Sparky vehicle, enabling them to handle most electrical projects in just one visit—saving you time and money.

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